Bloodlines: FPS Fantasy Survival Game



  • Permanent Bloodlines for all your¬†heroes

  • Transmutation system to create and upgrade items

  • PvE and PvP in an open world

  • Procedural equipment with generated stats and abilities

  • 4 ability slots bound to equipment choice

  • Classic survival mechanics





Bloodlines is a multiplayer fantasy survival game. Destroy enemies, gather ingredients, and transmute to gain experience for your bloodline. Ether go it alone and take out the little golems, or work with a team and take out the malevolent monuments that the giant golems protect.




Be careful! Once your ninja is killed, you lose it permanently. All of the items you were carrying in your inventory and the gear you had equipped are dropped. To continue playing, you start with a fresh member of your Bloodline, who reaps the benefits of your experience.