Bloodlines: FPS Fantasy Survival Game



  • Permanent Bloodlines for all your heroes

  • Transmutation system to create and upgrade items

  • PvE and PvP in an open world

  • Procedural equipment with generated stats and abilities

  • 4 ability slots bound to equipment choice

  • Classic survival mechanics





Bloodlines is a multiplayer, fantasy survival game set in a punishing, open world environment. To keep your hero alive, you must manage your health, hunger, thirst and energy wisely. Collect ingredients from the environment to transmute, creating consumable items to regenerate your energy quickly over time, take less damage from certain elements, or just simply to sate your hunger or thirst.



Perfect your bloodline, gather legendary artifacts, and end the reign of terror. Overcome the power of the Primordial Lords and their elemental minions. Destroy the massive monuments that dot the landscape and cleanse the area around them. Forge alliances with other clans to stop the gigantic Overseers.