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Development Blog 04- Fast Mobile Battles

  Pet Guardians – Fast Mobile Battles   Random field battles should end in less then 30 seconds. This is a mobile game after all. Also depending on the situation, one might experience a different rate of random encounters. Our general goal is to not bombard the player with fights. Active style combat helps reach these goals.   Monsters will… Read more →

Southern Death Site Ni

Development Blog 03

It’s been a busy last few months and posting time was limited. The game is coming along great. We cleared our bug list and changed the start of the game to another zone. The new zone is called “Death Site Ni”.  Also sometimes called Dig 2 , this is one of five such places. It will be the new start… Read more →

Development Blog 02

Its been awhile since I have been able to update the development blog, but for good reason! We have been working at a furious pace adding a lot of new things, polishing the environment and improving on the general experience in Pet Guardians as a whole. The game is really shaping up to be something that we are very proud… Read more →

Development Blog 01

As the beta release for Pet Guardians draws closer, starting a development blog to keep the community updated on our progress seems fitting. What have we been working on recently?   Combat System Combat is fast and battle text can get a bit overwhelming. So, we have minimized battle text and consolidated it into a battle log that you can check… Read more →