PS: First Person Fantasy Survival Game


  • Ability system with physics
  • Transmute hundreds of items
  • Unlock permanent bloodlines
  • Procedural equipment with generated stats
  • Classic multiplayer open world survival mechanics


Philosopher’s Stone is a multiplayer open world fantasy survival game. Create a clan, gather powerful item, unlock bloodlines, and find immortality. Unfortunately the Primordial Lords forces stand in front of the alchemist. Shoot a Static Orb, get increased damage, dodge an enemy projectile, then finish the Elemental with Life Drain. Transmute an energy consumable from a wind ingredient and eat up. Unlock Advanced Sight and get 10% Prowess permanently. With enough time even the Primordial Lords will fall…


When you die, loot is left at your body. Unless you get to it first, you will lose it all. Start over and get a new set of equipment. The only real permanence is the Clan Bloodlines. Get XP for your clan by fighting enemies, harvesting materials, and transmuting everything. After a few generations your clan’s blood might reveal a legendary power. No one can take away your clan inheritance!

Every item has a rarity, elemental and type. Put any two together and transmute a new item. Get superior food and water that keep you satisfied longer than the average. Swap stats on an item for a better one. Imbue an epic technique to a rare ring. Gain an Agility buff and have renewed speed. Get XP for your hard work.

You’re limited to 4 abilities, from your equipped rings and weapon. Each unique ability has it’s own cooldown. They also get attack boost from corresponding elemental points.