Abilities From Equipment

There are no specific classes in Bloodlines of Prima. No more rolling another alt character just to have access to a different set of abilities. All of the abilities are available to everyone at any time.

Abilities are tied to 3 pieces of equipment on your character. Find a new piece that drops from an enemy or boss, trade with friends or find treasure caches around the world. Just switch them out and find a mix that suits you.

switching abilities


Physics Based

All of the abilities in BoP are physics based. They will interact with each other if the timing is right. Two abilities moving along the same path will collide, cancelling each other out.


Abilities colliding midair


This can be extremely beneficial for defensive maneuvers, but it can also work against you. For example, if you fire a missile and an instant laser in quick succession, the faster moving laser will strike your own missile and destroy it. You need to make careful choices in the order of which you use your abilities and where you launch them from.  Your abilities will also interact with other player’s abilities too, so that is something to keep in mind to use to your benefit.

Limited Epic Abilities

Bosses will drop equipment that contain powerful epic abilities. These will be very unique and very exciting to use. However, only a certain amount of them can exist at any given time. If you are lucky enough to obtain one, you need to work hard to keep it. Some players may want to take it from you.

Also, if you don’t log in for awhile, the epic item will disappear from your character and you will lose access to that epic ability until you find it again.

Variety of Delivery

Using abilities in BoP is different than in traditional MMOs. There is no tab targeting or click targeting. Players have to aim abilities to be sure that they actually hit the intended target, like aiming in FPS games.

There is a huge selection of abilities in the game already. In addition to interesting buffs and effects, there also is a wide variety of delivery. Meaning, the way the actual effect travels to the target or destination.

  • Missiles: A projectile travels through the air in a straight line from caster to the directly to targeted area.
  • Drop:  A projectile falls to the ground over the targeted enemy or area.
  • Rune: An effect is cast to the ground at the targeted area and will detonate after a certain period of time, depending on the specific ability itself.
  • Target: Instantly cast an effect (damage, heal, etc) to the target.
  • Self: Cast an effect or buff to yourself
  • Surround: Cast an effect that surrounds the caster with an AoE (Area of Effect)
  • Generator: An object that generates and effect (healing, regen, etc) is placed in a targeted location. Nearby players can interact with the object to gain the effect.


Abilities preview

Future Additions

We will continually create and develop new abilities to add into the game. Player feedback as well as current popular combinations will play a large part in what abilities will be developed for the game next.

Our goal for this game is to provide a huge variety of choices for our players. Each player should feel their role is important, especially when engaging in dungeons and boss battles in a group. Abilities can be easily switched in and out to provide utility at specific times, or to augment the role of the player. For example, if the group is in need of more heals or a certain buff for an encounter, a player can just switch a piece of equipment and have that needed ability at their disposal.


Player Feedback

Since we are in early access, feedback from our players is critically important to us as developers. We want to know what you think about the game and how we can improve it. Is a certain ability too strong or too weak? Do you feel there is an ability that everyone must take because it is so strong? Let us know.

In addition to balance issues, we would love to hear from you if you have an ability you would like to see implemented. Join our Discord, or reach out to us on Twitter. Feedback is so valuable to us. We can’t wait to hear what you think!