Co-founder of Amazastrophic; Network engineer, Game designer and developer.

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  • 8 years general Unity experience
  • 6 years C# development
  • 4 years multiplayer network engineering
  • 2 games developed and published on Android, Steam, Discord
  • Started making games when I was 12… RPG Maker 95
  • Multiplayer gamer for 28 years
  • World of Warcraft officer in high quality guilds for 4 years
  • Rift officer in the best raiding guild on the server till content dry
  • Core member of best guild on our SW:TOR server till content dry
  • Diamond+ in League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, MOBAs
  • Diamond+ in FPS games like Overwatch and Halo.
  • Played 100’s of hours during beta/early access in Minecraft and Rust

Gaming Years

Classic lifelong gamer who started making games as a kid. Multiplayer games became my focus when I got into Quake 3 beta. Had to keylog my parents AOL password so I could circumvent parental controls and then had to wake up at 6am to play before anyone noticed the phone line was busy.

Shortly after that I found an english hacked version of RPG Maker 95 and had my mind blown. Learned so much about how JRPGs where made, and about games in general. Started to hex edit save files and memory edit with emulators and roms around this time.

After years of messing with all that, Halo 2 and Xbox called on my attention. I played at a very high level, with people who would later become pros in other Halo series. During that time I learned about a thing called host advantage, exploiting a way to guarantee a party member was chosen as host by Xbox live services. Halo 2’s multiplayer was designed with a client host, so this gave a distinct advantage to their shots hitting targets. A good player just couldn’t miss. This also lead to everything above level 40 (out of 50) a land of pure hackers.

World of Warcraft was up, and after coming from Halo 2, I had some strong opinions. Ones that would seed our future vision of multiplayer experiences. Can you make a first person shooter with WoW as a base? A shooter that can a healer that can aim? Anyway, I destroyed raids as a main tank for many years, leading to many victories.

Game dev experience

Boss fight I made for an mobile game.

Around this time I got into Unity. I already had experience messing with RPG maker for years, it payed off more then you might imagine. Object oriented approach to things seemed pretty natural. After a bit I was deep into C# and fulfilling my dream as a kid to learn to code. Made an Android game not to much later.

Battle system for a mobile RPG

Unity released its multiplayer system Unet and I went right to work. Sadly Unity abandoned Unet but the community picked up and became Mirror. Helped the community and contributed to the Github. All the while working on Bloodlines of Prima and the networking backend for it.

First trailer for Bloodline of Prima

Without any marketing we released BoP on Steam. This gave us nothing, even with outreach to the community and updates, Steam gives no visibility. We took the feedback to work on our next game and cut existing losses

Now Sage Towers is our main focus. I reworked the existing multiplayer system and now use a technique called snapshot interpolation. Then I applied the multitude of feedback we received from Discord and Youtube about BoP. I’m very excited for what’s coming next!