World Events:

  • PVE: Corrupted Monuments 
  • PVP: Chest Arena
  • Server Wide Quests

Legendary Abilities

  • One per server per ability
  • If you don’t use it enough you lose it
  • Players that possess a legendary ability will have the power to greatly influence events on the server. For example, helping take down a world boss or being a nuisance to other players.


  • PvP killing in some areas will result in reputation loss.
  • Too much reputation loss and you can lose out on some amenities of the Suzerain, Outposts and more.
  • There will be many different ways rep is modified and higher levels will be hard to reach. 

Dungeons / Raiding

  • Initially raiding will be PUG friendly.
  • Everyone will get loot reward in area.
  • Higher tier raiding will require specialty gear from world events, world quests and transmutation of high level items.

Base Building and Warfare

  • A separate dangerous dimension of Prima
  • Amazing structures with traps and puzzles
  • Gather essence from Prima just by building 

Upgraded Game Assets

  • New models trees, rocks, bushes
  • Higher quality textures
  • Better ability animations

Character Customization

  • Customizable player models
  • Unique equipment