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Bloodlines of Prima is a free-to-play FPS MMORPG with open world PvP and PVE objectives. With skillfully use of elemental abilities, defeat the rival guild and rise to the top of Prima with your new found powers.


  • Hundreds of abilities with a wide range of use. Spawn a wall to stop projectiles, bomb step up a cliff, or surround targets with explosive runes.
  • Capture PvP points and take out opponents to gain raw power over everyone, or take down the common threats of Prima for the good of all.
  • Use unique movement abilities to find hidden caches of loot and gain server wide notoriety. Your skill and reputation as a gamer matters.
  • Loadouts allow extreme customization on start. Unlock common abilities from PvP play or buying Lumina from the store.
  • All items can be combined together, nothing is waste. Transmuting is an versatile and unique crafting system. Very open ended for hardcore play.
  • Classic RPG and survival mechanics, explore the world questing and harvesting

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