DevLog 8.12.17: Caves, New Features and Portals



We have added cave systems to increase the exploration aspect of the game. We felt like there needed to be more diverse and exciting places to discover and adding the caves in is exactly what we were looking for.

There will be hidden areas, difficult enemies and rare lore items inside of these caves. Eventually the hidden areas will link to a cave system “hub” that will allow you to teleport to different caves and other zones. This will essentially become a way to quickly travel between certain locations in the game.

The lore items will give you hints about story line progression or boss summoning. For example, certain rare items will need to be correctly placed in a specific altars to summon a world boss that requires the whole server to defeat.


Lava in the cavesBlue crystals in caves

Portal view from inside caves



  • Uncommon target abilities and lobs have been reduced to 30 sec cooldown
  • The mana costs of runes has been increased 100%
  • Runes no longer require you to walk over them to activate. They explode causing area damage after a 2 second delay.

Fire Rune Explosion

  • Shields are renamed Surround and no longer block attacks but do area damage around you. The cool down is low, higher mana cost and does moderate damage. Its currently the only close range ability in the game. Enemies will utilize this ability if you get too close to them.
  • Reduced cool down on basic and rare lasers.

sky view


  • Warning text is a little smaller and neater.
  • NPC dialog box is fixed.
  • NPC animations are working smoothly.
  • Damage text fades over time.
  • NPC names now appear on screen space instead of in the world space.
  • In game lighting has been adjusted.
  • The sky has been changed to something a bit more dark and menacing.
  • Vortex effect on player screen when loading into the game or stepping through a portal.


Vortex effect



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