DevLog 8.5.17: Early Access and Co-op

Early Access Incoming

We’ve been hard at work squashing bugs, redesigning the world and adding a lot of new features. Aside from all of the game changes, we’ve been prepping our store page on Steam. Our goal is to release our Early Access build by the 3rd week in August. We can’t officially name a date just yet, so keep checking back for that announcement.

Refocusing on Cooperative Play

We decided that game play needs to center on working together. Players of a server will push progression of the world together. Everyone is from the same realm so they would only naturally work together in a strange land. Turning in items to upgrade the outpost, researching hidden areas, or summoning raid bosses to defeat are just a few ways to progress.

A reputation system was added to help facilitate the new focus. Your individual reputation will affect a wide range of things like starting items, starting location, and bank access. Gain rep from turn-ins and lose rep from PvP. Lose enough rep from PvP and you will start in the wilderness with no items and no way to get into your bank!

There may also be a few hidden factions that are hard to find with mysterious origins. Either way, if you’re a PvE or PvP player, these adjustments will lead to greater depth of play. Your actions will now have even deeper consequences to your bloodline.



Outside the Outpost in Early Access

Change Log:

A lot of changes have happened since the last build was released on our Discord server. (You can join here!) Here’s a list for quick reference of the changes you will see in the Early Access build.

  • Head bob is in.
  • Enemy patrolling has been changed so they should be spread out a bit more.
  • Hit indicator added.
  • Baseline player movement is faster now; every point of agility is more effective for speed.
  • Monuments no longer attack but now send enemies to attack you (Only enemies that monument has spawned, not all in the area like before.)
  • Several NPCs are in the game ready to take your sweet material turn-ins to upgrade the main outpost. This will be for the whole server to work on at the same time.
  • Every golem will drop at least one essence.
  • The map has been removed.
  • Added new surround abilities for close range damage.
  • A new starting item will allow you to teleport back to the outpost.
  • Fixed an enemy animation bug.
  • Nerfed loot from basic enemies. They are easier to kill now so the drop rate has been lowered.
  • Added pop up text to alert you to the amount of Health change (damage and healing).
  • World is now 100% bigger. The spawn rate of everything is up by 100% as well.


An NPC inside outpost in Early Access

An NPC ready to accept turn-ins in Early Access