DevLog 9.10.17: Boss Development, Server List and Chat Channels

Boss Development

We are putting the finishing touches on the first boss encounter inside of a new cave dungeon. While the dungeon and boss have been built to require a group of at least 3 to 4 players in green and blue gear, any amount of people can come into the dungeon at any time since the dungeons are not instanced.


Encounter summary:

When the boss is engaged, the lava in the room will slowly rise. This serves as a type of enrage timer. The group must defeat the boss before the lava rises too high, leaving no place for the players to stand safely. One touch of the lava results in instant player death.

At certain intervals during combat, the boss will become invulnerable and will spawn an additional enemy that must be defeated in order to continue the battle. The boss will drop projectiles onto players, spawn runes that must be avoided and will cast a buff on players increasing the fire damage they take.

Here’s a quick look at the boss room as it is now. We plan to have a preview trailer for the boss encounter ready later this week.


A preview of the boss room in the newest cave dungeon

Server List

The main focus for this past week has been adding a server list. This will allow players to see all available servers and easily choose which ones they would like to join. It will make joining the official servers we host very easy and simple. We are planning on having 3 official servers at launch. Players are welcome to host their own servers as well, and those should all show up on the server list.



In game text chat channels have been added. Right now we have one global channel for everyone to use. Eventually we plan on adding more, like channels specifically for trading or for finding groups.


Early Access Preparation

We’re trying to organize things so that information is easily accessible for our players and those interested in the game. Our website is being tweaked and organized, as well as updated more regularly. Over the next week or two, we’re going to be adding more posts explaining game features in detail. This way, everyone should have a general idea of what to expect when they log in. I’m also going to clean out and update our public Trello so that everyone can see what we’re currently working on, our future goals and long term vision for BoP.



  • A tooltip for transmute has been added. Once you place your ingredients in their slots, hover over the “Fuse” button to see a tooltip of the item you will create. This gives you a preview of the output so you can make better crafting decisions.

Transmute tooltip

  • A massive healing crystal has been added to the main city. This crystal applies a strong healing buff to players inside the city, which will make ganking in the area nearly impossible.Healing crystal
  • Tooltips have been tweaked to look better and present information more clearly.
  • Collectible items spawn more frequently inside of dungeons now.
  • Allegiance is functioning properly and awards titles depending on Allegiance level.
  • The speed at which enemies respawn around monuments has been adjusted.
  • Enemy ranks have been added. Rank D to Rank SS, D being less dangerous and SS being a much more difficult enemy.