One big focus we have at Amazastrophic is providing value for everyone. Most important is our players; for without them we have nothing. However, without capital it can be very challenging to get started. So with that said, we would be grateful for such support and would want nothing more than provide you a return on your investment.

The Founders

Brooke and Anthony Eckert

  • Deep factual understanding of gaming networking concepts.
  • 4+ years of experience with Unity network solutions and working on implement concepts like snapshot interpolation.
  • 8+ years of Unity3D, game design, and development experience.
  • Small business owners our entire working career.
  • Highly skilled multiplayer gamers with thousand of days played in MMOs and hundreds in games like Minecraft and Rust.
  • Early tech adopters that grew up with online communities. Joining most near public release like Myspace, Twitch, and Discord to name a few.
  • Highly motivated founders that are excited for the industry and willing to listen to user feedback to validate their value propositions.

The Business Model Canvas

  • Do “Games as a service” AKA the “metaverse”
  • Promote player governance and generated content as king
  • Focus on community feedback and supporting skill based meta
  • Get fans from Minecraft/Roblox and other MMO/Survival games
  • Support content creators and incorporate player feedback
  • Raise premium price overtime as we add cosmetic content with IAP
  • Watch for opportunities to foster Esports/Competitive play into its own
This canvas is in a state of constant flux

And if this isn’t enough to persuade you, try to talk to me(Anthony) about networking if you think you can hang!

Room to differentiate:

  • We are aiming to be more realistic and lean heavier on competitive gaming then our rivals

“The CEO and his team have many ideas for expansion and attracting older customers. The company is already working on improving the quality of game graphics to make them more lifelike and attractive to adults used to more realistic adventure and battle games.”


Room to Grow:

  • We expect this market to expand (see quote below)
  • Other games provide a touchstone for expansion goals
  • Our goal is multiple revenue streams per world/game

“Roblox CEO says online gaming services category is in early stages.”


Entry to the “metaverse”

Sage Towers is our MVP into the metaverse. Game design and themes help elevate the game and its world in such a way to act as the focal point of our metaverse. We believe if we focus on skill based gameplay with the wisdom of Esports will help accelerate this metaverse into its own cosmos.

Questions & FAQ

How is the metaverse not just a game?
Check this link out if you want to see why we are more than a game.
This is why we are focused on player generated content and player governance. We are writing more about this soon.

Tell me more about player governance!
We plan to write more about soon. Until then check out Spry Fox’s Daniel Cook talking about why its important.