Minor Updates for December 2019

Minor Patch– Discord bot
–Fixed currency bug
–Fixed Discord PvP feed
–Added Server Status channel
–Added Lumina(Currency) for leveling
— Added PvP kill fanfare

Minor Patch Enemies Unfroze

–Tooltip for stats detail is too small
–Equipment not dropping on death
–Currency for leveling (
–Social media links
–Enemies don’t fully reset under some conditions
– Ugh this one sucked but I cleaned it up a ton. Aggro tables and multiple target selections made for some scenarios unforeseen.
–Better error notification for version mismatch.
–Version numbers cleaned and unified.
–Adjusted lights, post and fog: Light is brighter with higher contrast, with less of a washed out feeling. –
–Ambient for some metal types has been adjusted up. Fog blends into horizon better. Shadows should be darker. Exposure effect adjusted up.
–Mob’s floating names are now grey after reaching 0 HP.

Minor Patch UI Cleanup and Leaderboard PvP

–Press “p” to check out the pvp leaderboard and see where you stand

–AmazaBot shows latest version number.
–General tooltip rework, should be more fluid now. – Improved version mismatch warning.
–Item drop area messing with tooltips, use Alt click to world space drop.
–Lava ambient light turned down.
–Adjusted worldspace popup damage text
–Adjusted Quest UI and Quest log UI locations

–Enemies properly leash and reset.
–Re-looting missing chest item bug.
–Quest announce text working again.
–Missing ability icons from secondary tool tips.
–Drag rings to ability bar now prevented.