Open World PvP Patch 1.0

PvP should make you widely known and powerful on your server. I miss the days of true classic WoW and the way the servers felt.  I left in my Halo 2 prime to start playing World of Warcraft. The draw of WoW was clear to me, you could become a king. People would gaze at your loot, they would know your skills in PvP/PvE, you could become a true standout. I just wanted to take some Halo on to it. So here we are now, and to start I’m emulating some cross between open world PvP in WoW/BC and Rifts from Rift the MMO.

Ok this is where the fun begins, here is a quick overview of the additions. First up was the map to show every PvP objective on the server along with information about its status. Then two guilds to force players into a faction. Then we tweaked Monuments and Ziggurats for PvP. Finally, we allowed PvP to reward premium currency and leaderboards. These changes should push the game in a strong direction, establish some form of meta to use or pivot from with community input.


Guilds were added as factions for a few reasons. I wanted a way to have players work together in the wild without pushing too hard. I’ve played Rust and DayZ, free for all is great but I’m done with it. But I also don’t want it devolving down to having a clan or you get instagibbed. Guilds will be assigned to players randomly on the start of a new player. Once you make  a player you can switch guilds freely, just at a currency cost. This acts somewhat as a cooldown timer. Also provides a way to avoid ganking or use it to betray others, but that again is the point of easy switching.


Map is pretty simple but such a great tool. Essentially it allows you to quickly see if someone is attacking a point. We also added a teleport button for fast travel to the Suzerain’s portal room, hopefully allowing for a decent response time. Monuments buff friendlies and debuff enemies while spawning chaotic Elementals that attack all. They are easy to take down with a few friends with some uncommon gear and consumables. Take note, elementals that spawn from the monument act as multipliers on the self healing of the monument, so do try to clear adds first.


The Ziggurats are a bit more complicated, taking 3-4 people to be safe. There are 4 buffs that must be gathered to one carrier and deposits in the control room on the bottom floor. Each buff has a 10 minute timer and can be lost on death. Many gates and elevators must be worked some require two people. Along with the constant PvE threat from Wardens, Pvp will be rough here. But the players that work together will be rewarded nicely.

Monuments buff friendly guilds and debuff opposing guilds while spawning chaotic Elementals that attack all. They are easy to take down with a few friends with some uncommon gear and consumables. Elementals that spawn from the monument act as multipliers on the self healing of the monument, so do try to clear adds first.


Our leaderboards are a slight ELO rip off, more a backbone for honor points then they are a true ELO. You get more currency and rank change for taking out a higher ranked target. The twist is that the PvP objectives provide a small boost to your rank. Meaning it’s not so much a skill rank but engagement rank of sorts. I’m not for sure how often we will rest these, that will be from players feedback. Could do it quarterly or just weekly like WoW.


Now for loadouts, after our last round of play testing it was clear we needed something more consistent for abilities. We want you to be able to take other players’ rings and gain powerful legendaries from raid bosses. But there was no guarantee with your 4 starting abilities, we picked abilities at random from a pool.

The load out screen was made to address this issue. It allows every common ability ring to be unlocked for starting out. That’s over 70 different common abilities to pick from. Should make it easier to decide on what kind of player you want to create. A nature healer with energy regen? Or maybe sustain DPS with a cleanse? Straight up tank? That’s up to you now. Oh and we got them skins to show off to your fans.


Recently we adjusted equipment change along with some enemy stats changes. To balance the changes we added more equipment caches with higher than average equipment chance. Along with some other adjustments we think getting equipment feels more rewarding. Quest rewards were slightly nerfed button can reward the player with Lumina now. After removing all starting equipment besides rings, we raised starting stat points to 100.

Add sound to teleports
Surround materials
Rune materials
New ray materials
Server list readded
Chatbox QOL improvements
Enemy AI improvements
UI improvements
Quest tracker toggle added
Quest can now give Lumina
More zones and respawns added
Several music tracks have been added
Added “Tower Maze” with cache
New NPC skins
New Player skins
Nerf equipment chance

Surround could bug out
Adjusted enemy LOD, still polishing
Some house steps blocked walking
Fixed rug texture
and many, many, more…