Patch – A better quest log and quest.

We have decided to push out an update by every Tuesday. Streaming and other update schedules to follow shortly. This update includes a much needed quest log, better quest descriptions, refined help screens, cleaned up tool-tip and plenty of bug fixes. The polish never stops, leave us feedback!

A new paragraph was added with additional direction on how to complete a quest. 
Some spelling errors have been corrected.

Quest Log-
Press L for quest log. We may allow players to turn in some quest from this menu in the future.

Random equipment could roll some addition stats, this has been adjusted.

No longer will you get a missing ability when Transmuting a low level ring.

You can now swap materia and anima slots around easier. No more dragging to inventory first. 
Tooltip background is now less transparent, making the text easier to see. 
Last bug fix for drag and dropping should be in.

Fixed an error the first time trying to make a player. 

Coming Soon:
We plan to have the ziggurat in a much better state very soon. Balance will be around 3-5 players with puzzles the require multiple people participating to complete. And of course a big baddie at the end with all the loot. 

Bug us on Discord to get the best results, hit 30 in game and you can get a nice rank.