Patch– Enemy tweaks and bugs defeat

We fixed a ton of bugs this week. Like all the real bugs we had. Also a pretty decent pass over AI, refining them a bit more. We are ready to build the world out now.

The big content update is coming 8/25. More news soon, more info at the bottom. Streaming will kick up a bit before then. Also Bug us on Discord to get the best results, hit 30 in game and you can get a nice rank.

Enemies call for backup to all enemies in a range
Neutral Enemies respond faster to dmg now
Shoot ability after death bug fixed
Leash bug fix

PVP can now be turned off per server settings
Camera clipping fixed
Jump queued up bug fixed
Dead player logout bug fixed
Multiple login bug fixed

Rare and Epic drop chance is 1% and 0.1%
Full inventory loot bug fixed

Rune works consistently now, before standing still could avoid dmg
Rare missile speed adjusted

Zone info is feed into map now
Servers list PVP/PVE and new/low/med/high/full for population
Rare drag and drop bug fixed
World space drop bug fixed

Coming Soon:
We plan to have the ziggurat in a much better state very soon. Balance will be around 3-5 players with puzzles the require multiple people participating to complete. And of course a big baddie at the end with all the loot.