Patch 0.9.27- Terrain changes and Landmarks


Significant terrain edits made it into this patch. Foothills, cliffs and other visually interesting areas were added. Terrain polish is a work in progress. Expect to see more changes in the near future.


Two new structures created and placed in many places throughout the map. Each structure contains a treasure chest with quality loot, but they are guarded well.

The Ak’i Ruins have also been replaced with higher quality models.

Graphical Settings

We turned down a few maximum values in the settings panel. They were experimental in nature. Screen space reflection is really intense, so that was nerfed quite a bit. (It was on a mode called overkill, after all)

Giant beams around Outposts have been removed.

no more beams!

More Ziggurats!

Five more Ziggurats have been added to the world. Each has as elemental weakness. Use it to open doors and activate elevators.

Enemies in the Ziggurats have been nerfed. Health was 2200 and is now 1800. We also delayed respawning a bit to help with clearing the enemies.


Non hostile mobs now have a large chance to drop basic survival gear of a random element.

Next Patch

Expect our first major lore update. We’ve been writing quests and lore internally and will be getting these quests into the game very soon.

We will be going back and balancing the Towers and other areas that need it.

Introduction to the Watcher, our first major lore character, will also happen next patch.


Inventory and bank expansion

Lob ability rework