Patch Monument Nerf

The point of this update was to address the looks of the game. While we have a huge overhaul coming with 1.1, we decided to do what we could right now to improve the number one complaint. The biggest change should be that the camera is a lot smoother now when moving higher speed. Also adjusted post-processing and textures along with cleaning up instant effects.

Additional adjustments center around inventory bug fixes and monuments. Sometimes with a full inventory right clicking could error out. Other times items would be invisible under certain conditions. Monuments got an HP nerf, healing nerf, and total spawned enemy count nerf. We also changed how additional enemies from monuments spawned. Hopefully theses changes help everyone out.

-Change Log-

Player: Doubled player starting health
Player: Base speed increase
Player: Inventory bug clean up
Player: Instant ability clean up

Graphics: Make cam smoother
Graphics: Adjusted post processing
Graphics: Adjusted crystal golem skin
Graphics: Instant abilities now fade faster
Graphics: Several textures have been optimized

UI: Tooltips now show flavor text again
UI: Removed bloodline points remaining when you have 0
UI: Player name is back on bloodline
UI: When chatting stopped buttons from working
UI: Stopped World UI from rotating to player on wrong axis 
UI: Ip/Port wrong error now shows menu after

PvP: Nerfed monument heal by 50%
PvP: Monument was spawning too many adds
PvP: Cleared Interact list when Zugs go back to chaos
PvP: Weekly to Season, Rank to Skill
PvP: Weekly points to season points

PvE: Fast rework of earth area
PvE: Fixed a few bad respawns
PvE: Switched nature start for air zone
PvE: Turn Ambient skybox light down
PvE: Some chest have random elements instead of set
PvE: Adjusted some rank D fighting patterns

Remember to check out our Trello to see what we are working on and the roadmap for 1.1