Patch Notes: 0.1.22

Hey everyone!

Last night we pushed out an update. For this patch, we’re specifically interested in PvP and how its feeling to our players. Let us know what you think!

Equipment and ring drop chance has been increased, so you should find new abilities in the wild a lot more often now!

Also, we have placed a bunch of dungeons in the world. These are mostly empty at this moment, but we will be patching again this evening to get those set up and functioning. Feel free to explore them before they get filled with puzzles and enemies later.

Patch Notes:

  • Steam server list added.
  • Respawn screen fix
  • Effect gain/lost message added: This needs to be scaled down a bit, but its working.
  • Dungeons are placed in the world. Empty for exploration currently, they will be updated this evening.
  • Movement abilities added
  • Teleport zone items: use to teleport to a random place inside a specific zone
  • Crosshair customization: players can change color and alpha of the crosshair
  • Quest fanfare: added some zazz to accepting and completing quests
  • Interactable items added
  • Compass added to UI

Quality of life fixes:

  • Respawn in last zone on death/ log in
  • Items fall away from corpse on death for easier looting
  • Body disappears slower
  • Runes have a bigger model
  • Enemy close range attack removed
  • Line abilities show travel path
  • More enemy idle animations
  • Ring and ability UI fix

Keep in mind we are going to be pushing another update this evening to fix some bugs and fill up the dungeons with enemies and puzzles.