Patch Notes Echoes of Another and the Push for 1000 players online

A new update is upon us! Bloodlines of Prima is on sale for $1.99 and a new trailer has been posted. Here is how you can help:

Keep in mind that PvP is encouraged and allowed anywhere. Elementals near spawn points are non-hostile until engaged. The enemies towards the middle of the map are hostile, stronger and drop better loot. Remember to transmute items for survival and also to upgrade your gear. Bloodlines and bank items are permanent, everything else is dropped upon player death.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Chat UI
  • Quest icon texture
  • Texture issues on old buildings
  • City hub center gem collider missing
  • Lightning zone ambient sound glitch
  • Monuments improperly spawning on the Suzerain
  • Tooltip text escaping outside the tooltip box
  • Item stack split bug
  • Graphics settings
  • Network transform issues
  • Enemies stop attacking and reset when they clear targets
  • Server.txt setting; tick rate and starting points
  • F to close out of looting


Monuments spawn more frequently
  • More monuments spawn in the world
  • Loot drops more frequently
  • Some quest are now repeatable
  • Bomb Step ring from fire elementals
  • More than one kind of DoT can be on a target at a time
Repeatable quests

To see the full road map with all the changes listed, check out our Trello!

Pushing for 1000 Users

We will be putting Bloodlines of Prima on sale for 90% off to drastically increase our player base! Since we’ve been in early access, we haven’t really advertised at all. Now that the game is stable and the underlying systems are working well, we are focusing on getting players into the game. We are ready for feedback on current systems as well as:

  • Server Events: Main focus of server progression
  • Raid Zones: Size, rewards, reset times
  • Trading Economy: How detailed should we get?
  • Player housing: Buy in the city or build in the world?

Player Hosted Servers

A huge aspect of this game is the fact that players can host their own servers and have it show up on the server list for other players to join. There are plenty of variables that can be changed to influence how the player hosted server functions. We are working on a very detailed post that will explain how to get a server up and running, also expanding on the options you can change and what effects it will have on the server.

Web Demo

We have a WebGL demo available for anyone who wants to try it out. There will be a more detailed post about it coming soon, but for now you can try it out here.


Expanding on the game lore and implementing it into the game for the players to piece together has been a focus since the beginning. The backstory for this game is extensive. We are in the process of writing up lore pages to explain just enough story to the player so they can understand what the goals of the game are.