Presskit: Bloodlines of Prima

Welcome to Bloodlines of Prima Presskit! You should find everything you need to get familiar with the game. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Quick Facts:

  • Developer: Amazastrophic, based in Louisville, KY
  • Released: September 25, 2017 in Early Access
  • Available on: Steam
  • Platforms: Windows and Linux
  • Price: USD 19.99
  • Language: English
  • Contact:
  • Socials: Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch


Bloodlines of Prima is a FPS RPG set in a cosmic prison with elemental abilities and server wide progression. Player hosted and Official servers allow for many different types of PvP and PvE play with up to 200 players. Help us build the best game possible, host a server and give us feedback! 

Starting as a mere pleb, players help maintain the prison, gather amazing tools, and forge their own destiny. Rended from your planet by Prima’s will, your role is to now maintain peace between the Elemental warlords while keeping the Old One sealed inside Prima’s dark core.

We simply hope to invoke the feelings and gameplay of Halo 2, Classic World of Warcraft, Rust and DayZ. Set in a dark fantasy survival world with at least 200 players per server. It’s been a tricky game to explain. Hopefully we can make something we all enjoy playing, PvE or PvP fans!

Don’t hesitate to find our Discord and talk to the team or leave feedback anywhere you find us.

  • FPS survival MMORPG
  • Official and Player hosted servers
  • Hundreds of easily interchangeable abilities
  • Open world dungeons
  • Server quests and events
  • Permanent bloodline points to improve your character
  • Transmute crafting system
  • RPG Stats


Check out our WebGL version here! Keep in mind the graphics and effects are low here for performance and simplicity.

Art & Screenshots

Bloodlines of Prima Logo
Open world dungeon
Battling a Monument
Inside the floating Suzerain
Environmental Screenshot