Welcome to Prima!
You have answered the call of Ish’Anna, who resides deep inside her crystal binding at the beginning of time. Unravel the mysteries of Prima, gain power and unlock the secret of Ish’Anna!

Here is a very crude map to help you navigate Prima. Some key places are temporarily missing from this version. It is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. It is not available in game yet, but will be soon. Feel free to reference it as much as you would like.



W,A,S,D: Move forward, left, backward, right
ESC: Access settings menu and exit game
TAB: Open up player menu (inventory, gear, crafting, stats)
F: Interact
1, 2, 3, 4: Use ability in corresponding slot
Space: Jump
Mouse 1: Use ability in slot 1
Mouse 2: Use ability in slot 2
Ctrl Mouse 1: Use ability in slot 3
Ctrl Mouse 2: Use ability in slot 4

Controls can be modified by using the input menu on the game launcher.


Gameplay relies heavily on the Transmute (crafting) system. You can craft healing items, food and water by using the transmute system. Place items in the materia and animus slot then hover over the FUSE button to see the transmute results. Experimenting with the transmute system is a good way to clear up space in your inventory.


Gear can also be upgraded by utilizing the transmute system as well. For example, 2 ore can be transmuted into a bar. Transmute a bar and a piece of gear to upgrade it!



Abilities are tied to the rings that players equip to their character. There are hundreds of abilities to discover and we’re always developing more. Mix and match abilities to suit your playstyle, or to help you through a difficult encounter.


As you level up, Bloodline points become available to you. These points are permanent. Even if you die and lose all of your inventory, you will still have your Bloodline points on your next respawn.

This should cover the basics to get you started out in the right direction. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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