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DevLog 9.10.17: Boss Development, Server List and Chat Channels

Boss Development We are putting the finishing touches on the first boss encounter inside of a new cave dungeon. While the dungeon and boss have been built to require a group of at least 3 to 4 players in green and blue gear, any amount of people can come into the dungeon at any time since the dungeons are not… Read more →

DevLog 8.12.17: Caves, New Features and Portals

Caves   We have added cave systems to increase the exploration aspect of the game. We felt like there needed to be more diverse and exciting places to discover and adding the caves in is exactly what we were looking for. There will be hidden areas, difficult enemies and rare lore items inside of these caves. Eventually the hidden areas… Read more →

DevLog 8.5.17: Early Access and Co-op

Early Access Incoming We’ve been hard at work squashing bugs, redesigning the world and adding a lot of new features. Aside from all of the game changes, we’ve been prepping our store page on Steam. Our goal is to release our Early Access build by the 3rd week in August. We can’t officially name a date just yet, so keep… Read more →