Seat of the Luminals

Established by the Luminals an unknown time ago high above Prima’s surface. The Suzerain supports peace and stability while managing trade and accepting tribute from Prima. It acts as a neutral zone for the Primordial Ones to vent about perceived transgressions and threats to their sovereignty. Like all Luminal owned ventures, it’s also connected to the intergalactic marketplace.

A decently large floating city
Main player hub, floating above Prima


Officially the Suzerain was said to be created during the construction of Prima. It was at least established shortly after the Primordial Ones seized their full potential. The surface would have been obliterated from war, but the Luminals negotiated peace between the young elemental rulers. Millenia later we have little permanent records…

Recent research has lead to new theories, some more controversial then others. Even common technology of Prima’s can outstrip the Luminals creations. Continued pursuit in this field is even backed by some Suzerain investors. 


An emerald roadway acts as a symbolic barrier between the Luminals and the Primordial Ones. Each element has its own areas of interest and gate houses, found on the outside of the emerald way. Inside you can find banks, investors, labs, and every sort of Luminal luxury. Addition roads connect to the center theater. As well as the 6 receiving towers.  

Road to the Water Portal
This portal goes from the Suzerain to the Frozen outpost

Current Purpose and Goals for The Suzerain:

Generally Luminals foster peace wherever they end up. The same is true for Prima. All the Primordial Ones benefit well from the presence of the Luminals, to the point of being rather cooperative on their own. Everything is pretty much clockwork right now; autopilot. Just a few rogue elements that everyone takes care of as they arrive. 

The resources of Prima are nearly infinite, and incredibly amazing quality to work with. It’s almost alive with energy. Investors can’t get enough, no one anywhere can get enough. Do your part to serve all living things! Help the Luminals out today, get with intergalactic trade!

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