Why our survival FPS MMORPG is now free

We have been planning on these changes for a long time. During our early access time so far, we realized that the game almost required free to play with IAP. Loadouts, skins, guilds, and quick travel all benefit from being IAP. Our currency can be earned from playing the game, this helps reinforce and balance the systems mentioned. PvP combat is the most lucrative way to earn currency, but you can always quest.

The F2P features have been in open beta testing on our Discord server. So far people have loved the changes. It seemed to help pull some of the core systems together.

A loadout screen was our first quality of life improvement. Before we were randomizing the loadout set, but players wanted consistency. It seemed that a loadout screen would be the best way to allow this. We didn’t want every ability unlocked, currency was an excellent fix.

Initially we strived to be party and faction free. You could attack anyone and be attacked by anyone. So if a player missed a heal they might heal an unintended target, or an AOE from a friend might damage you. The player base wanted a better way to see friends so we decided to try out “Guilds” assigned to a player on spawn, essentially Horde and Alliance factions from World of Warcraft. Once added we needed to allow switching guilds but also stop the abuse of switching. We found currency was perfect for this. 

Players wanted a few other things, skins and quick travel. Because currency can be earned from gameplay at a decent rate, we tied both to currency. Skins are always cool in games. But with quick travel it helps stroke a balance. You can always teleport away to the main city, but we wanted it to cost something for the players. 

All of these features are part of a large upcoming PvP update. It features server wide PvP objectives with reworked PvP map along with the other features above. We have been testing mostly with our Discord community with great feedback.