Amazastrophic is an independent software development studio focusing on multiplayer “games as a service” and the “Metaverse” based play without sacrificing player generated content and governance.

Our Story

Multiplayer games provide endless entertainment. As gamers first, we decided to put together a force that could provide the step up we need. Applications like Minecraft and Roblox push the envelope already of just what a game is, with player generated content and player governance reigning supreme in a “Metaverse.” We believe this field is underserved and hope to help it grow.

Bloodlines of Prima laid the groundwork for future projects

Our Beginning

We started Amazastrophic way back in 2010 as a laid back company reporting on games. But resources where strapped and we couldn’t compete. Around 2012 focus was shifted on game developing. With no real funding we managed to eek out two games. We learned much from these experiences, from community management to sale charts and more. In May 2021 we officially started our C Corp for Amazastrophic.

This was after a rework of our first mobile game.

Our Team

Right now we are two co-founders, Brooke and Anthony. Brooke is currently focused on the art and world design leveraging programs like Blender and Unity add-ons. While Anthony his uses networking wisdom to create the netcode for the best multiplayer experience. We have always been lifelong techies and gamers who play and work proficiently with computers and consoles.

Our Mission

We want to make amazing games people talk about. While promoting player content and governance, we believe we can create such an experience. Listening to community feedback is one of our strongest tools that we promise to use.

Our Future

Sage Towers is our latest project. It’s focused on building towers to survive the endless waves of enemies while having an array of first person abilities to back it all up. With the feedback from our last MVP we are determined to see this game succeed. If your interested in investing contact us!